Bell’s Painting Company provides both interior and exterior painting services for homeowners and businesses alike.  We are very careful with our preparation to ensure your belongs are protected, that your wall surfaces are smooth and defect free and that a proper number of coats are applied.

Accent walls are common today as many people are decorating with vibrant color schemes.  We will vary the sheen levels according to the usage of particular rooms.

Painting the living room - during and after

Custom interior painting:

  • Ceiling and wall preparation
  • Minor drywall repair
  • 2 coats of paint on walls (normal)
  • Trim 2 coats semi-gloss enamel
  • All furnishings covered with plastic sheeting

Exterior painting:

  • We can help you choose colors for to match your personal style, including contemporary, colorful paint schemes
  • Your home should be power washed prior to painting
  • We ensure proper preparation of the wall surface and make sure we’re using the right product for the right surface, which is very important.

Wallpaper removal:

Bell’s Painting can remove existing wall coverings and prepare walls for painting or new wallpaper installation.

Drywall repair:

We can fix damage from roof leaks, plumbing leaks or holes sometimes made by plumbers and electricians making repairs.  We know the necessary steps to make these repairs with both your walls and your acoustic ceilings.

Decks and fences:

Prepping around the deckBell’s Painting will power wash your deck or fence to remove dirt, mold and mildew.  We use 3 types of stain that can take care of most any situation:

  1. Semitransparent siding and deck stain: used on new wood and surfaces that have only been stained a few times prior
  2. Semitransparent opaque siding and deck stain: this is used on surfaces that have been treated several times and need more pigment to make them look uniform
  3. Solid color acrylic stain: this is used when the homeowner wants a solid uniform color; sometimes there is no other alternative as there has been to many applications or severe weathering

Power washing:

Most home exteriors have dirt, mold and mildew present; a professional power wash can remove these.  This is true on all “maintenance free” surfaces, too, such as vinyl, aluminum, etc.